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Care begins a long way before care and goes much further too. It aims higher, seeks more and lasts longer. Ennobled by emotion, care is for ever in our caring hands..

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It is said, it takes a whole team of dedicated people to change the world, but just one person to set in the change. Here we salute the determination and steadfastness of our torch bearers –

Dr. K. S. Chandran, son of C.G. Kumaran Vaidyan, laid foundation to CKKM at Tripunithura in 1965. With his farsightedness and humanitarian qualities took the humble venture further ahead to build up the RCM Health Care group as it is now

. For more than four decades CKKM has been a widely recognized and respected brand in Ayurveda - the traditional Indian Medical Science, and still remain as one of Kerala’s premier Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit and treatment centre offering Ayurvedic remedy and providing continued consultant care.RCM Health Care is an off-shoot of CKKM and presently all our endeavours are regrouped in the name and style of RCM Health Care Group under the leadership of Dr. Rakhesh Chandran, son of Dr. K.S. Chandran. His vision and dynamic leadership is taking the group to greater heights.

Having its head office in Kochi and ideally located in the heritage town of Tripunithura, RCM health care provide each patient the maximum attention for complete stress relief and health building treatments, to gift them with a rejuvenated body, mind and new found energy.An excellent health care organization with a vast pool of competent medical expertise and the availability of state-of-the art treatment facilities are factors which have made RCM Health Care the pre-eminent centre for health care both in Ayurveda and Ophthalmology.Patients receive the most comfortable treatment delivered by medical professionals and all of them share a common confidence in the system that emphasize safety and push the boundaries of excellence.